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Thursday, August 10, 2006

And in the beginning, there was Thomas John Boyle...

And then, legend goes, when he turned 17 he changed his name to the more mystifying "Coraghessan". But, no, on the seventh day, he did not rest. He wrote, instead, stopping only at 2 pm to grab a sandwich and shoot some hoops.

As the man himself says of his moniker, "It's Cor-AG-hessan, accent on second syllable. As you may know, this is an old Gaelic term meaning 'Take two and call me in the morning.'

"My mother's maiden name is Post, but her mother was a McDonald. Somewhere on the Irish side of her family originates the name Coraghessan, which may be bastardized (as indeed I myself am). My father, incidentally, was a Boyle, but his father, Dublin born, may have changed his name to Boyle from God only knows what.

"In England my publisher thought 'Coraghessan' was so aggressively Irish that their constituency would be put off. My friends call me 'Tom'." (4/20/88)


Anonymous george gleg said...

as i have many times confirmed in the past i vote with hands and feet for coraghessan.maybe it was one of the reasons that my eyes fell on his books in the first place,when i was an ignorant filth.

Monday, August 14, 2006  

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