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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why restore Coraghessan? Because it's his brand, dammit!

In a time when businesses just drool over having their advertising agency come up with the perfect brand identity for a product -- not to mention the millions of bucks they spend to pay for it -- along comes a boyo with Gaelic roots and the inspiration to give himself what would, in decades hence, become a most perfect brand for a writer. How many amongst us were first drawn into reading one of his books by scanning down the shelf on a bookstore and suddenly stopping at that most unfamiliar, but vaguely melodious name: Coraghessan!

It must be confusing, especially for new readers, to encounter Coraghessan on some books and the plainly generic and ordinary "T.C." on others. But what really bugs us the most is that the new 25th anniversary edition of what is arguably our favorite T. Coraghessan Boyle novel, Water Music, has been re-branded as T.C. Boyle! Can the rest of his backlist be far behind??


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