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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

TCB Chats with Washington Post Readers

Little did we know, but apparently we were among those whose itty-bitty chat invites were lost in the mail a couple of months back. Oh, well, never mind, as one Emily Litella would have dismissed the omission. We're certain it was only an oversight. And now, on to the pertinent parts:
Chinatown, Washington, D.C.: Hi. How do you pronounce "Coraghessan"?

TCB: Dear Chinatown: What a pure delight. I've just come back from a nice stroll from Nob Hill, through Chinatown to North Beach and back (yes, I'm in San Francisco). The pronunciation of my middle name is Cor-ag-assen, with emphasis on the second syllable. For elaboration on this and other myteries please go to my site, or the fan sites, and

College Park, Md: My family and I enjoyed your reading and your talk last week at Politics & Prose. You have a great sense of humor (and not so serious like your jacket photos!). Question, why the switch from T. Coraghessen to T.C.? Do you think it will make you more marketable? Just curious. p.s. we love your work!

TCB: Dear College Park: Thank you a thousand times. I love to interact with the audience and do my standup shtick. Glad you liked it. Why so serious in the photos? Well, I guess a poor author is just trying to achieve a little intensity--but if you look at the photo gallery in you might find a smile or two and the back of Tooth and Claw features a delighted and grinning author. As for the abridgement of my name, this is a direct result of a groveling and drawn-out plea on the part of the art director at Viking. Please, he said, I just can't fit Coraghessan on the page! I shrugged. And accomodated him. Why not make it easy on everyone (including the French, who give the pronunciation of my name as ti-ci).

Full chat transcript here.


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