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Monday, October 09, 2006


From Critical Mass, the blog of the national book critics circle board of directors, comes Heller McAlpin's response to "What has been Your Favorite Reading?"
I had the good fortune to hear T. C[oraghessan] Boyle perform Friday night as part of The New Yorker Festival of Books. Boyle himself called it a performance, preferring that to the staid connotations of the classic literary reading. Boyle was generous and engaging not just to the audience, but to a jet-lagged Andrea Lee, just in from Torino, who shared the stage with him and read from her latest novel, "Lost Hearts in Italy." With his dual-toned frizz mop and red and black leather hi-tops, he put on a show few writers could hope to match. He delighted the audience instantly with an introductory riff on California road rage, and then launched into an animated reading of his ripped-from-the- headlines story, "La Conchita." During an unusually lively Q& A, one audience member asked whether he was an actor. Turns out -- no surprise -- he's one of the few writers who really enjoy reading to an audience -- even when people ask him political questions, or what's his point. "This is my point," he said, brandishing an imaginary book. "The book. What matters is the book."


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